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CoolSeal SA offers the innovation in packaging: a box that is eco-friendly, affordable without compromising on quality or performance, that offers unique and state-of-the-art branding opportunities.The boxes are delivered flat, pre-folded and packed in bundles, minimising delivery and storage costs. The patented easy-erect design enables the box to be ready in one simple movement with no other assembly required.

CoolSeal had originally been designed and developed especially for the cold chain delivery of chilled fish, meat and other foods and has served as an effective replacement for polystyrene boxes in Europe for several years. Since its launch in South Africa, however, several new applications and benefits have been identified. The box, we found, is particularly well suited to the agricultural market as fruit ripens faster in the boxes and do not bruise as easily as they would if packaged in Cardboard. The boxes are particularly well-suited to the packaging of delicate fruit such as bananas. Coolseal is also being used for various applications in wet conditions, such as mines.