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Environmental benefits

Re-Processed polypropylene is in very high demand in Europe with a vast array of applications for it. Who knows, the bumper on your car may be re-cycled CoolSeal boxes!

The flat empty boxes can be baled or simply palletised for collection by a plastics reprocessor. Polypropylene has a higher raw material value than EPS and reprocessing costs are significantly lower.

CoolSeal can be safely disposed of with general plastic waste. PP’s melt-flow index makes it very flexible in the waste stream. Even this option generates huge savings, with skip hire costs slashed and avoiding the ever increasing landfill charges.

This is because Coolseal when flattened has less than 10% of the volume of EPS. It is also inert and can be thermally recycled safely. It is stable in landfill so it will not create dangerous soft spots where lorries can tip over which can occur with EPS which re-expands. We regard landfill as the least desirable method of disposal, and should only be used as a last resort.