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Reduced Storage Space

CoolSeal boxes are delivered flat, pre-folded and packed in bundles, minimising delivery and storage costs. It is no longer necessary to reserve large areas of expensive factory space just for boxes waiting to be filled. Coolseal boxes can be stored flat and made up just in time at the packers.

Coolseal is also tough which means an end to EPS breakages and bead blowing around and clogging factory drains. Coolseal is in regular use for airfreight transportation from Iceland and elsewhere by road to British and European supermarkets. As well as delivering the fish in perfect condition, users of the system gain some very important advantages. Coolseal is up to 30% smaller than like for like capacity EPS boxes. This produces significant cost savings across all modes of transport and especially for airfreight

The patented easy-erect design enables 4-corner glue boxes to be ready in one simple movement.There is also a range of stacker boxes which include easy erect bases and pop up lids. These packs are designed for column stacking and interlocking. The trays can be filled and stacked without the lids, and then moved to icing, labeling and packing areas.

A Leak-Proof CoolSeal box is also available with self-locking bases and pop up lids. Machine erect trays and lids are also available for use in larger packers, or in seafood clusters via distributors.